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This is a community for people who adore Kathleen Hanna, where you can talk about ms Hanna or anything you really want to. Everyone is welcome.

"I was thinking about it the other day, you know, how half the time when guys tell me to smile or whatever, I'm not even frowning or sad or anything, I'm thinking!" --KATHLEEN HANNAH

Burn down the walls that say you can't
from Bikini Kill Zine #2

Be a dork, tell your friends you love them
Resist the temptation to view those around you as objects & use them.

Recognize empathy and vulnerability as positive forms of strength.

Resist the internalization of capitalism, the reducing of people & oneself to commodities, meant to be consumed.

Resist psychic death.

Don't allow the world to make you into a bitter abusive asshole

Cry in public.

Don't judge other people. Learn to be yourself

Acknowledge emotional violence as real.

Figure out how the idea of competition fits into your intimate relationships

Decide that you'd rather learn stuff than prove you're right all the time.

Believe people when they tell you they are hurting or are in pain.

Recognize you are not the center of the universe.

Recognize your connection to other people and species.

Make additions to this list and/or think about why you don't agree w/some of what i've written.

Don't assume people invent pain in order to mainpulate you or make you feel bad.

Close your mind to the propaganda of the status quo by examining its effects on you, cell by artificial cell.


"I hate the attitude of, 'oh we already have a Lydia Lynch, so we don't need a Bikini Kill.'
Well, there's like 2 hundred million all male bands writing 'baby baby i love you, let me drag you around on my ankle.' Is that enough already?

"what (some) bands do is go, 'it's not important that i'm a girl, it's just important that i want to rock.' And that's cool. But that's more of an assimilationist thing.
It's like they just want to be allowed to join the world as it is; where as i'm more into revolution and radicalism and changing the whole structure. What im into is making the world diffrent for me to live in"

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